Miscellaneous Items - North East Militaria 2013

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Miscellaneous Items

A Set of Scottish
Insignia comprising of
Cap Badge, Collar Badges
& Shoulder Titles

Price UK £40.00
A Current
Royal Logistic Corps
Black Crossbelt
in New Condition
Price UK £70

A Reproduction WW1
Royal Navy Air Service
Officers Visor Cap Badge

Price UK £ 35.00
A Superb Victorian Cavalry Officers
Dress Tunic.
Film Prop

Price UK £ 145.00

26cm high Heavy Cast
Aluminium Scottish
Piper Statuette

Price £ 50

A NASA Crew Patch
to commemorate
the ill fated
Challenger Space Shuttle Flight.
( A piece of Space Exploraation History)

Price UK £4.00

A New 3rd Dragoon
Guards (Carabiniers)
Blazer Badge

Price UK £ 13

Original WW1 Austrian
Army Belt Buckle

Price UK £45.00

An old WW1 French
Artillery Officers
Dress Belt

Price UK  £105
A Royal Regiment of Artillery
Association Blazer Badge

Price UK £10

A 18 x 12 inch
Nylon Sea Cadet
Ensign for small

Price UK £ 8.00

A New Rifle
Brigade Blazer

Price UK £15

Set of Queens Own
Lowland Yeomanry
comprising Cap &
Collar Badges

Price UK £ 30.00

A Junior Leaders Regiment
Royal Armoured Corps
Bullion Blazer Badge

Price UK £ 18.00
A pair of French Senior
Officers Gold Bullion

Price UK £ 110

A New Yorkshire
Regiment Blazer
Price UK £13

A New 9th Queens
Royal Lancers
Blazer Badge

Price UK £ 13
Last Updated 22nd September 2023
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